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Goat Milk Soap Store

No Frills Goats Milk Soap

All soap made with 100% Raw Goats Milk and Food Grade Natural oils, no added water or artificial colors. Scented with either fragrance oils or Essential oils. Pricing includes 2016 USPS shipping service.

I do not add color to my soaps, the colors in my bars occurs during the soap making process and certain scents added can also cause color changes during the saponification process.. .certain colorants only add eye appeal and do NOT add anything to the purpose of SOAP, the coffee scrub is a natural brown and the plant based soaps can take on the colors from the plants used.

Each batch is made using Cold Process, a calculated and precise blend of hand mixed ingredients to get a pure Goats Milk soap.

All ingredients used are listed for each soap, if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients, please take this into consideration before purchase. This is soap and should be used in the manner it is meant.. Dollys Acre will not be held responsible for any ill occurances should any arise.