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Mens Goats Milk Soap Shaving Sets


Durable enameled Coleman campfire tinware mug, currently ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLUE with a 6 oz Mahogany scented Goats milk soap puck, Natural Badger hair bristle brush with wooden handle. This has been tested by my husband and proven by him to give a smooth shave, lathers well and does not irritate his face, proven by me that the scent is subtle and lingers just enough to have no need for an aftershave.The tinware enameled mug was his choice, an accidental fall wont shatter the tinware but may only chip the enamel. As with all my cold process goats milk soaps, this has proven to be a very long lasting soap, daily use since March 2017 , currently December 2017 and still going. 

Shaving brush is best when rinsed, shaken dry and placed bristles down in the mug after use. Because it is a natural bristle, it WILL shed, a simple wipe of the inside of the mug before next use will remove any errant bristles.

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