DollysAcre dwarf goats

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Dollys Acre MY Foxy Lil'Lady

Dollys Acre MY Foxy Lil' Lady 



Sire: Ol Country 38 Murphy

ADGA# D1522500

Dam : AGS Boggs Whitetail Ranch Penelope

Foxy participated in a one day milk test thru ADGA in July

2.3# milk 4.4% BF 3.3% Protein
SOLD.... Thank you Cole 
Dollys Acre MY Foxy Lil\' Lady Ol Country 38 Murphy Dill\'s BH 38 Special*S PromisedLand CP Bounty Hunter *S ARMCH Caesars Villa CBS *S, B Stonewalls Midnight Cowboy S
Goodwood Mindy *D
MCH Green Gate Lil\' Red Riding Hood*D E MCH/PGCH Green Gate Cinderella\'s Prince E,E
Green Gate Goldylox
NC PromisedLand HS Dizzy Blonde3*D MCH PromisedLand CP Holy Smoke *S ARMCH CaesarsVillaCBS Cowpoke *S E B
MCH/PGCH Flat Rocks Opal 2*D E
GCH/MCH PromisedLand Good Day Sunshine 2*D/*M ARMCH CaesarsVillaCBS Cowpoke *S E B
Willow Creek Goodnight Irene *D
Country Bumpkins OM Faith Lost Valley Omega Red*S MCH Goodwood Weisbaden *S GayMor\'s RA Kingwood *S
Goodwood Bejou Merry4*D
Lost Valley LA Toriaza 3*D GayMor\'s JJU Laredo *S
Hill Country\'s Shartarr 2*D
Meadow Farm Rocher Caesars Villa GD Mr Pickwick *S Goodwood Cimmaron Giddyup S
Caesars Villa STS Pandora 3*D
Wooly Dog Down LS Mocha Gay Mor Tut\'s Lifesaver *S
Wooly Dog Down Cowboys Leia
AGS Boggs Whitetail Ranch Penelope HOG Black Jack Rosasharn\\\'s Sweet William*S ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb *SE ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree *S
Goodwood Guadalupe *D
Stonewall\'s Baby \'Uddercup 2*D AR1559 Brush Creek Shiloh
Goodwood Rosa Parks*D
4 Fun Frecklies Stonewall\\\'s Palliser *S VG Gay-Mor\'s Johnny Jump-Up *S
Stonewall\'s Penny Lane 5*D
Heartwood Hopscotch Goodwood Pinball Wizard
Heartwood Fancy Pants
Creekside Farm Miss Priss Atwood Acres GR Golden Prince Promised Land CP Gold Rush *S MCH Caesars Villa CBS Cowpoke E
MCH Green Gate Lil\' Red Riding Hood E
Gay-Mor\'s RA Nesselrode *D AR1649 Stonewall\'s Raising Arizona *S
Gay-Mor\'s Java\'s Kokoa
Tall Cedars Farm Grace Blue Moon Acres Skylar Our Oak Havens Clyde
Caesars Villa\'s Kids Sarah
Blue Moon Acres Juliet Our Oak Havens Clyde
Caesars Villa\'s Kids Sarah
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